6 Chicken Breasts pounded flat
1 of each ~ red and yellow sweet bell peppers
4 large jalapeno peppers
6 scallions (long skinny onions)
12 oz container of Sour cream
Cooking string (or COTTON kite string is ok, not nylon)

Blanch or roast all peppers and onions, I prefer roasting, it really gives this dish a different taste.  Peal skin off peppers, heed warning to the hot ones.

Slice bells into long thin strips and place one strip of each color bell pepper and onion at one end of the chicken breast longwise, roll breast and tie off with string, in the middle and on both ends, not too tight, just enough to keep the package all together.  It is ok of you have any overhang of pepper and onions they will be cut off after cooking.  Repeat until all 6 breasts are wrapped and tied.

Place breasts in a shallow baking dish/pan in a 350 degree oven or if you prefer the grill, place on a long slow grill and be careful not to burn.  Cook for about 45 min. Watch closer on the grill.

In the meantime, de-seed and de-stem the blanched/roasted jalapeno peppers and set the flesh aside. 

Take out the breasts when they are a golden brown and look done in the middle.  Cut off ends that are sticking out.  and save them for the next step. Let the breasts set for 15 min.  If you have oven proof plates, put them in the oven while the breasts are cooling.

Put the "flesh" of the jalapeno peppers and the left over ends of the bells and onions (if there were any)  in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.  Add sour cream.  You should get a light/bright green kind of sauce.

Cut the string off the breasts.  Slice the breasts into "medallions".  Spoon pepper-sour cream onto the warm plates so the sour cream "pools" onto the plate from it being warm.  Place the colorful medallions on the sauce.  This dish is great with some Jasmine rice spooned along side the sour cream or some cooked baby carrots.


pepperfreak & peachnut